moss removal panama city, fl

Remove Moss From Your Property

Hire Heads Up Tree Service for moss removal in Callaway & Panama City, FL

Most people only worry about the moss growing on their house. But moss growing on your trees can make them more susceptible to wind damage. Trust Heads Up Tree Service, Inc. with your moss removal needs in the Panama City, FL area including Callaway.

Trees provide an abundance of shade and water, which facilitate the growth of moss. Allowing moss to grow on your trees will weigh them down and make them more likely to fall over during a severe storm.

Removing moss from your trees can be dangerous. We have ladders and specialized tools to help us remove moss from your trees quickly and safely.

Contact us today to schedule moss removal services. It's important to remove the moss on your trees right away to prevent future property damage.

How to prevent and remove moss

Heads Up Tree Service tackles moss removal jobs in Panama City, FL and surrounding areas. Moss is unsightly and harmful to your home and trees.

To keep moss off of your trees:

  • Increase the amount of direct sunlight that falls on your tree
  • Remove moss by hand when the tree is dormant
  • Power wash your trees during dormant periods

Prevent damage to your property by removing moss from your trees.